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Traffic Control Services in Seattle for Your Roadside Construction Project: What You Should Look For

So, you’ve finally started your road construction project. Now you have to make sure that you’re not obstructing traffic flow and daily life in your chosen site. Naturally, you have to invest in traffic control services in Seattle to ensure that your project will not disrupt events in the vicinity of your building.

There are plenty of services in your local area that can cater flagger services for construction. In fact, there are so many that it can be hard to choose one. Do you need help to narrow down your search? Read on to know what you should be looking for in your flagger service.

Does the company employ trained and certified flaggers?

The most crucial personnel for the traffic control service would be the flaggers. Basically, what they do is control traffic while the construction crew does their work. But flaggers do more than just hold “stop” or “slow” signs, and gesture with their hands. In fact, certification courses are required before someone could be a flagger.

road construction worker flagger

In Washington state, a Flagger Certification card is valid for up to three years, and a person should have a passing score of 80% to be certified. Among the responsibilities of a flagger are the following:

  • Direct traffic flow along a construction site, in conjunction with other flaggers.
  • Set up traffic related equipment along the roadside, including traffic cones, barrels, and traffic control signs.
  • Drive company vehicles when necessary.
  • Ensure the safety of pedestrians passing in the work zone.
  • Respond to emergencies at the work site.

Most companies are very transparent when it comes to the qualifications of their flaggers. This should aid you when trying to scout for an agency that will provide you with traffic control in Seattle.

Does the lead traffic control supervisor have complete credentials?

Heading the flaggers is the main traffic control supervisor. This supervisor plays a pivotal role because the success of the construction, the smoothness of the traffic flow, and the safety of the passers-by at the site is in his hands.

Apart from certification, the lead supervisor should also possess the following characteristics:

  • Substantial years of experience in construction traffic control and flagging
  • Skills in creating a proper set-up plan around the construction site for flaggers and equipment
  • Designating responsibilities to each person and making it clear to them what their role is in the plan
  • Oversee the flagging set-up — and takedown — as it happens
  • Be on top of safety and emergency concerns at the road construction site

It is also very helpful to go through the lead traffic control supervisor’s resume or portfolio to know their capabilities when it comes to your roadside project.

Is the flagging equipment complete?

When getting a roadside flagger, you must take into account the completeness of the flagger’s equipment. It would usually consist of the following:

  • Setup equipment such as traffic cones, caution tapes, and traffic barrels
  • Traffic control gear such as a traffic control pole, traffic flash baton, and traffic flags
  • Safety vests and leg gaiters for the flaggers
  • 2-way radios and chargers for personnel coordination
  • First aid kits for onsite emergencies
  • Pilot vehicles for transporting equipment, escorting, and emergency response.

You may check the available equipment of a traffic control service by going to their website. You can also contact them personally to discuss their services in detail.

Get the Most Reliable Flagging Service

Roadside construction is a critical undertaking since road safety and the welfare of people around the site are of great concern. But proper planning—and getting the right traffic control service—will ensure that your project, the people involved, and the surrounding traffic will be in good hands. Make sure that you have all bases covered with a tried-and-tested certified professional flagger in Seattle.

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