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Tips to Choosing Cole and Son Wallpapers for Your Space

Cole and Son wallpapers can make or break your home’s aesthetics. The right ones can set up your home’s interior design, and the wrong ones can completely derail it. Make sure you pick the perfect ones with these tips.

Wallpapers for Your Space

    • Estimate how many rolls of wallpaper you’ll need. Start by getting to know your width options. English wallpapers are often sold with 20.5 inches in width. American wallpapers, meanwhile, are typically available with 27 inches in width.Visit the Cole and Son wallpaper website to find out more. Once you’ve determined your width options, measure your walls. Determine how many rolls of wallpaper you’ll need based on their dimensions.
    • Explore your design options. There are a wide array of wallpaper patterns and designs. Here are some of them.
      • Floral Wallpapers – Commonly applied to feminine spaces, floral wallpapers feature a wide array of beautiful blooms. The sizes and intricacy level of the flower patterns vary. Huge prints are best used for spacious setups, medium-sized prints are perfect for both small and large spaces, and small prints are ideal for tight spaces.
      • Botanical Wallpapers – The leafy or greenery-focused version of floral wallpapers.
      • Graphic/Geometric Wallpapers – With their powerful visual impact, graphic/geometric wallpapers are the go-to design of homeowners who love retro, midcentury-modern, and modern styles. Due to their geometrical designs, installing them is not as challenging as most of the other wallpaper types on this list.

These are only some of the Cole and Son wallpaper designs you can choose from.

    • Get to know your material options. Wallpapers are not just made of plain old paper. They have a lot of material variation. Here are some of them.
      • Grass-Cloth Wallpapers – As their name implies, grass-cloth wallpapers are made out of strands of grass. They’re textured and/or woven look can subtly lift any room’s aesthetics.
      • Vinyl-Coated Wallpapers – These wallpapers have two sides: a vinyl-sealed surface and a paper backing. The seal makes it easy to wash and maintain. They’re perfect for kitchens and dining areas.
      • Flocked Wallpapers – Characteristic for their raised and often velvety patterns, flocked wallpapers are ideal for covering minor wall imperfections. They have two kinds: washable and non-washable.
      • Metallic Wallpapers – With their distinct sheen and receptiveness to light, metallic wallpapers are perfect for spaces with task lighting fixtures (e.g., chandeliers). They have many types such as plain, stamped, printed, and hand-painted.
  • Consider who uses your space. Fabric wallpapers are not ideal for homes that house children and pets. Imagine scrubbing off grubby hand-paintings off your sophisticated prints and finding scratched portions of your expensive threads. Not a pretty picture right? So, consider your housemates when you choose your wallpapers.

As discussed above, selecting a wallpaper requires much more involvement than what most people think. It’s a crucial decision, one that would set the tone of your space’s interior design. The beautiful diversity of Cole and Son wallpaper options also adds to the difficulty of the decision. Follow these tips to find the best ones for your home.

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