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Three Easy Ways in Developing Good Workforce

Good Teamwork
Nowadays many construction companies are wanting to achieve a better working environment where everyone is contributing ideas and concepts that can help yield a great deal of success. However, developing good workforce is quite challenging. To overcome this, here are three easy ways to develop a good and comprehensive workforce.

    1. Create a Systematic Hiring Process

      Daniel Greenhalgh and other merchant builders specializing in construction business believe that creating a systematic hiring process is essential in building a good workforce. Below are the top four things to consider when constructing an organized hiring process:

      • Develop a job description that clearly states the performance responsibilities of the person you hire.

      • Look for the largest pool of qualified candidates possible. (Search via professional associations and social media networking sites such as career services offices, employee referrals, LinkedIn, job fairs, newspaper classifieds, personal contacts, search firms, university departments, and other creative resources.)

      • Plan a careful candidate selection process that includes behavioral interview questions, culture match, customer interviews, and “what would you do” questions about the actual workplace, to hire a high-performance workforce.

      • Implement appropriate background checks that include education, employment references, employment history, criminal records, credit history, drug testing and more.


    1. Conduct Quarterly Performance Development Planning (PDPs) Meetings

      Quarterly Performance Development Planning (PDPs) meetings are designed to inform the employees about their performance, as well as the company’s productivity goals and measurements. In conducting quarterly PDP meetings, Daniel Greenhalgh provides the following points:

      • Provide effective supervisors who give clear and concise directions about the company’s primary goals and aspirations.

      • Make sure that the company’s direction, goals, values, and vision are communicated frequently and in memorable ways where possible.

      • Personal development goals are agreed upon and documented. These can range from employee’s attendance to cross-training or a new job task.

      • Progress on the performance development goals is followed for accomplishment. (Central tracking by Human Resources certifies the development of the entire workforce.)


    1. Provide Regular Feedbacks

      Providing regular feedback to the employees’ performance plays an important in developing good workforce. To do this effectively, read and follow these simple reminders:

      • Effective supervisory feedback simply means that people know how they are doing every day, via a posted measurement system as well as verbal or written feedback and meetings.

      • Develop a reward and recognition system that tells the employees clearly what you want from them. It must also help people feel appreciated and acknowledged for their efforts.

      • Plan a disciplinary system to help employees improve areas in which they are not performing as expected. The system must provide measurements and timelines, and is regularly reviewed with the staff member.

      • Furthermore, you also need an effective training and development, as well as a fair, motivating recognition and reward system.


So what are you waiting for? Implement each of these components. To leave one out is like trying to sit on a three-legged chair. The time and attention you pay to these three easy ways will reap your company to maintain the high-performance of a superior workforce. And that’s the performance that will enable your company to achieve its dreams and goals.

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