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Shower Installation in Los Angeles and Other Minimalist Design Tips

Out of the endless lists of bathroom design trends out there, only one always gets it right— minimalism. Whether you want a shower installation in Los Angeles or dreaming of a bathroom facelift, you’ll never go wrong with this style.

However, minimalism doesn’t mean stripping down your bathroom into the most boring essentials. It involves strategy, smart design choices, and a creative flair to pull off.

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What is minimalism?

A lot of people are under the impression that a minimalist bathroom is a cold and dull bathroom. This is far from the truth! Minimalism simply means creating functional, well-designed spaces with zero clutter. It values quality over quantity. Done right, minimalist style can transform your dull bathroom into a sensational self-care oasis. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Stay loyal to neutral.
    To keep it sophisticated, stick to classic colors like white, grey, beige, and other neutral tones. Not only do they make your bathroom look clean and relaxing, they also set the stage for the rest of your design details.
  • Maximize storage.
    A minimalist bathroom should never be a cluttered space. However, a bathroom does require a lot of moving parts— all those towels, bottles, and other toiletries can add up. To prevent mess and make it easy to clean up, make sure there’s a lot of storage spaces around. If you have room in the budget, you can go for built-in storage. If you have more limited funds, open shelving serves the same purpose without being too tough on your wallet.
  • Beautify your tub.
    A sparkling-clean bathtub can make a world of difference inside a bathroom. In fact, it’s one of the first things people notice when they enter the bath. Therefore, a dirty, cracked, and peeling bathtub makes a negative first impression no matter how well-designed the rest of the space is.

    Bathtub replacement in Los Angeles can take care of a long-overdue tub update. If you don’t want the construction hassle of a total bathtub overhaul, there are bathroom remodeling contractors in LA who can freshen up your tub without having to demolish anything.

  • interesting lighting.
    The minimalist look is all about making a big splash with minimum décor, and the bathroom is the perfect place to do it. Blend form and function by installing a light fixture above your vanity. Glam up the bathtub by hanging a pendant light above it. The right light will infuse the room with elegance without taking up too much space.

Minimalist Bathrooms: Where Less is More

The beauty of a minimalist bathroom lies in how it harnesses the potential of every little detail. A strip of ornate tiles against white walls adds loads of visual impact without much effort. Carefully-selected steel fixtures build a streamlined, industrial look without going overboard.

Finally, it’s important to give your minimalist bathroom a firm foundation. Take care of the most important elements first. For instance, prioritize a tub conversion in Los Angeles before shopping for decorations. Finish a shower replacement before getting started on the walls. Once everything is functioning smoothly, you can focus on creating your ideal minimalist bathroom.

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