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Selling Your Home: 4 Remodeling Efforts That Yield The Biggest ROI

Residential Construction

Whether you’re moving into a brand new home in a new neighborhood or you are moving to a different city for work, there are many reasons you are putting your home up for sale. Regardless of your reason(s), it’s only natural that you want to sell your home quickly and for a good price. In some cases, however, it really is just one or the other: sell your home quickly or sell your home for a good price. Fortunately, there are a few ways to help you achieve both. One step would be to remodel certain parts of your home.

Remodeling Your Home

This is like an investment as a remodel can easily help increase your home’s resale value while impressing buyers. Of course, certain remodels will yield a better return on investment than other remodeling projects. Naturally, you’d want to prioritize the ones that offer the best ROI such as the following.

✅ Minor Kitchen Remodels

Yes, the kitchen is known as the heart of the home, which is why it comes as no surprise that kitchen remodels net a considerable return on investment (81.1 percent). Take note, however, that minor kitchen remodels are what tend to provide the biggest returns. When remodeling your kitchen, it may be best to go with a remodel that is easily noticed. Replacing your kitchen counter-tops with a more desirable material or having the kitchen cabinets and drawers repainted are good options.

✅ Wood Deck Addition

More and more people are enjoying the versatility that decks provide, which is probably why so many buyers are looking for homes with wood decks. From quick family meals to enjoy the perfect fall weather to spaces for receiving family members during Thanksgiving, decks are great for buyers who like to host guests. Many contractors can easily add a wood deck to any home. The result is a palatable 82.8 percent return.

✅ Entry Door Replacement

One of the first things buyers will notice when they take a look at your home is the front door. Security will always be a concern for buyers, which has fueled a demand for homes with heavier doors made of steel. This isn’t an overly difficult remodel to accomplish. There are many stylish options that also take advantage of fiberglass for the perfect blend between functionality, style, and security. Entry door replacement easily recoups you about 91.3 percent of the initial cost of the remodel.

✅ Manufactured Stone Veneer

Vinyl siding has long been one of the most popular choices in the housing market, but many buyers are looking for a more elegant option nowadays. It may be surprising, but replacing your vinyl siding and replacing it with adhered manufactured stone veneer is actually an amazing investment, recouping you a 97.1 percent return. The change should certainly have quite a number or buyers knocking at your door since the change is visually stunning.

Be sure to consider these remodeling efforts if you want to yield better and higher ROI!

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