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The Parent’s Guide to Purchasing a Wagon Stroller

Shopping for a wagon stroller demands a more meticulous selection process compared to shopping for storage or travel carts. Why? Because your children are going to ride it.


You can’t pick a stroller based only on its size, appearance, and storage capacity. You need to pick one that’s safe and comfortable for its passengers. Here’s what you need to consider before purchasing a wagon stroller for your children.

    • Your Children

How many kids do you have? How old are they? Do you have a newborn? The answers to these questions would have a huge impact on your wagon stroller selection criteria. If you have more than one kid, for instance, you should get one that can hold more than one passenger. If you’re a new parent, consider a stroller that’s either convertible to or has a detachable bassinet.

    • Your Lifestyle

Are morning runs part of your daily routine? Are you buying a wagon stroller so you can take your children with you on your future runs? If so, get one that’s designed for jogging. Consider your lifestyle and how your stroller can accommodate it when you go shopping.

    • Your Location

Are you a suburban parent? If so, you may want to get a collapsible wagon, one that’s easy to fold and store in your car. If you live in the city, on the other hand, it’s best to get a stroller that’s sturdy and easy to maneuver on sidewalks. Take note of the condition of your common routes.

    • The Wagon’s Weight Guidelines

Like any other mode of transportation, wagon strollers can only carry a certain amount of weight. Going over it will compromise the safety of your child. Think about it. Making the wagon carry loads beyond their capacity will diminish their quality and durability, increasing the risk of wear and damage. To avoid this, make sure the stroller you choose can accommodate your children’s weights and then some.

    • The Wagon’s Features

Here are some of the features that your wagon stroller must have.

  • Seatbelt – a wagon stroller essential. Disregard carts that lack this.
  • Padded interior – preferably one that’s easy to remove and wash
  • Storage compartments in strategic and accessible locations – Some stroller wagons put so much thought into their storage compartments that passenger space becomes secondary. Make sure this is not the case of the stroller you pick. Here are some examples of smart compartments:
    • a storage basket under the passenger section
    • a storage basket beside the passenger section
    • a structured pouch that you can attach to the sides of the wagon
  • Roof – Getting a kids wagon with canopy is definitely a worthwhile investment. An unexpected downpour during a day out with your kids is not only a mood killer after all, it’s also a health risk. Protect your children against the elements by getting a wagon stroller with a canopy.
  • Snack tray – an essential if your children love snacking
  • Cup holder – perfect for you and your children’s beverages
  • Attachable bassinet – As mentioned before, some stroller wagons come with a detachable bassinet. They’re perfect for parents who have a toddler and a newborn.

Make sure you get the right wagon stroller for you and your children. Consider these things before purchasing a stroller!

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