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Optimize Branch Office Connectivity with the Cisco 2901 K9 Series

The Cisco 2901 K9 Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) Series provides next-level connectivity, rich media collaborations, and impressive network agility. Building on more than 25 years of industry-leading Cisco technologies, this series allows branch office managers to upgrade their network with heightened availability for future technologies.


Cisco 2901 Series Specifications

The Cisco 2901 K9 ISRs Series addresses the evolving demands of branch offices. It features:

  • 1U Rack Unit
  • 2 Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports
  • 7 Expansion Slots:
    • 4 Enhanced High-Speed WAN Interface Card Slots
    • 2 Onboard Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Slots
    • 1 Onboard Internal Service Module for Application Services
  • 512 MB RAM – 2 GB Max
  • 256 MB Flash Memory – 8 GB Max
  • Routing Protocols:
    • BGP
    • Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)
    • DVMRP
    • EIGRP
    • GRE
    • IGMPv3
    • IPv4-to-IPv6 Multicast
    • IS-IS
    • MPLS
    • OSPF
    • PIM-SM
    • PIM-SSM
    • Static IP Routing
    • Static IPv4 Routing
    • Static IPv6 Routing
    • Policy-Based Routing (PBR)
  • Network / Transport Protocols:
    • IPSec
    • L2TPv3
  • Remote Management Protocols:
    • TR-069
    • RMON
    • SNMP
  • Data Link Protocols:
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • Fast Ethernet
    • Ethernet
    • Key Features:
    • VPN Support
    • MPLS Support
    • IPv6 Support
    • Syslog Support
    • Web Services Management Agent (WSMA)
    • Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED)
    • Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing (CBWFQ)
    • Firewall Protection
    • NetFlow

Cisco 2901 Router Functions

Give your branch offices a flexible technology foundation while maximizing operational cost savings with best-in-class Cisco 2901 K9 ISRs. These routers augment network performance with:

  • Enhanced integration of security, video, voice, mobility, wireless, and data services
  • Sufficient support for new capabilities thanks to a bigger default memory
  • Efficient high-bandwidth module-to-module communication with unfailing router performance
  • Easier deployment of application services on a single integrated module
  • Network resiliency, diverse connection options, and heightened bandwidth thanks to modular interfaces
  • Reduced total cost of ownership through intelligent power management, consumption optimization, and other energy-saving functions
  • Better investment protection with enhanced adaptability, diverse Cisco IOS software features that can be delivered in  one universal image, and more
  • Improved unified communications services thanks to the system architecture’s TDM interconnectivity fabric
  • Industry-leading, multi-core processors
  • Innovative USB-based console access port
  • Market-leading Cisco IOS Software
  • Cisco service modules with high-data-throughout capabilities
  • Modular platforms that cater to the varied network demands of branch offices

Invest in Cisco 2901 K9 Routers to Augment Branch Office Operations

To guarantee top-quality routers, get yours from market-leading suppliers of brand new, used, and refurbished Cisco products. Aside from premium Cisco solutions, most of them also offer:

  • Onsite troubleshooting solutions
  • Remote technical support
  • Comprehensive consultations
  • Demo units and tester products
  • Fair replacement policies
  • Guaranteed warranties
  • Nationwide shipping options
  • Flexible payment options
  • Competitive pricing
  • And more

Upgrade your network performance with superior routers. Buy Cisco 2901 K9 routers from a Cisco networking company in the Philippines that’s trusted by the most prominent organizations in the country.

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