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Keep Your Home Safe and Secure with the Different Types of CCTV in West Palm Beach

Having a CCTV in West Palm Beach is a great investment to make sure your home is secure and free from intrusion. If you have knowledge of the implications, it could greatly be a game changer. And since varieties of this abound, you have a choice of CCTV to employ in your house or place.

The Roots of CCTV

cctv camera security alarmFirst off, here is a brief history of closed circuit television (CCTV). The first such system is credited to Siemens AG and was invented by notable German Engineer Walter Bruch. It was used to view the launch of V2 rockets. However, CCTV was only first commercially used in 1949, and launched by an American government contractor referred to as Vericon.

Surveillance was merely cameras and monitors, and recorded footage was not used back then. Magnetic tape recording was employed a few years later; however, tapes had to be changed manually, making the process tiresome. By the 1970s, video cassette recording (VCR) was introduced, which allowed for flexible monitoring setups for individuals.

In the 1990s, multiplexing technology, or being able to display multiple video signals on one monitor, was introduced. This made for easy CCTV monitoring, as cameras in different locations provided their data on one source. A few years later, digital recording replaced VCR, relieving surveillance monitors the task of changing the tape every so often.

Common Types of CCTV

You can readily avail of these CCTVs in home and office security stores or burglar alarm companies near me. Here are the different CCTV types available in the market:

    • Dome

This type of CCTV, which has a housing shaped like a dome, is employed for indoor security and surveillance. These housings are designed so that CCTV cameras are not obtrusive, and so that suspects may not know where the camera is facing. Also, speed dome varieties can enable the operator to move the camera. Advantages of this type of camera include: easy to install, vandal-proof features, and can respond to infrared.

    • Bullet

This type of camera has a long and tapered shape. The camera is not usually designed for pan/tilt/zooming control, however it is to get images from a fixed location. It is one of the most flexible types of cameras as it can be used indoors and outdoors, and its being compact helps in installation.

    • C-Mount

This type of camera possesses detachable lenses for various applications. Standard CCTV lenses could cover distances of around 35-40 ft., making it possible to use special lenses. This camera can also support technology changes, and its bulky size makes it easily seen.

    • Day/Night Camera

This type of camera has the ability to function in both normal and badly lit environments. It doesn’t need inbuilt infrared illuminators, as it could get clear video images at night due to sensitive chips. Apart from that, this type of CCTV can record both in color and black and white, and is available in a great variety of sizes.

    • Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera

Also known as the PTZ camera, this can be moved left of right, up and down and can zoom closer or farther. This can be utilized at times where a live guard or surveillance specialist can handle the security systems. Furthermore, this boasts of smart tracking features.

Treat Security as an Investment

With all the options available to you now, CCTV has certainly come a long way as a monitoring device. Valuing security has become more important in this day and age, which is why CCTV is a significant investment.

With that, don’t scrimp to save on what could potentially be harmful to your home or business. You have to study your place’s layout, and pick carefully from the CCTV varieties that are appropriate for the different sections of your place. Once set, you may avail of your CCTV and security systems from security companies in West Palm Beach, and begin your quest for a secure, trouble-free monitoring system.

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