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Modern Furniture Store Tips: How to Accessorize Your Living Room

modern living room

Did you know that décor is one of the most common things that people forget to consider when they furnish their living room? Most do so because they get caught up in making sure they get the right furniture. And, that’s great!  Furniture are the centerpieces of any common room. Any modern furniture store worth its salt would have a wide selection of furnishings to choose from. However, that’s not a good excuse to neglect your living room’s aesthetics.

Accessorizing Your Living Room

Your living room is the first—and last—room that guests will be in when they visit your home. So, just like how you didn’t cut corners when you got your modern living room furniture, don’t scrimp on your décor. Add style and drama to your space with the following tips.

✔ Make sure you’re satisfied with your furniture’s locations.

You don’t want to be that person who changes their living room’s layout throughout their decorating process. Remember, your décor should enhance—not dominate—your space. So, settle on your living room’s format first before going to the modern furniture store to shop for accessories.

✔ Establish a design concept.

Settling on what design to go for will make your décor shopping easier. Consider your furniture and space layout. Then, make a list of accessories that you want to add to the area. Don’t forget to consider doors, windows, alcoves, and other surface niches.

✔ Take pictures of your sparsely furnished living room with you when you go to the shop—ideally with dimension notes and in various angles. This way, you’ll have a clear idea of where you’ll put each décor that you add to your cart. You’ll also know if an accessory will match with the rest of your living room.

✔ Explore your lighting fixture options.

Great lighting fixture is a must in any living room—not just as an essential light source but also as an aesthetic enhancement. Branch out from fluorescent lamps. Get lamps for your corner tables, add pendants to your walls, and consider getting a chandelier. You can add other kinds of light fixtures provided that they don’t dominate the room.

✔ Don’t forget your floor.

Add rugs or carpets to give your floor a softer feel. Make sure their color, texture, and pattern don’t detract from your living room’s overall design.

✔ Go green.

Indoor plants and flowers never fail to add vitality to space. Fresh and colorful flowers are great as accents and centerpieces. Greeneries can make any place pop. Place them on your tables and shelves. They go well with just about any design theme.

✔ Get wall art.

Hang amazing artworks or wall sculptures. Frame your favorite photographs. Consider commissioning a mural artist if you want something interesting and personal up on your wall.

✔ Be generous with your throw pillows—especially if you got monochrome modern living room furniture. Pillows can make stiff-looking furniture more inviting and cozy. Go crazy with their shapes, colors, and patterns. Just make sure that they complement your living room design.

Leave a great and lasting impression on all your house guests. Use these tips and tricks to ramp up your living room’s aesthetics.

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