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Four Urban Design Trends to Keep in Mind This 2018

Urban Design Trends 2018

As city populations continue to grow throughout the country, the need for smarter urban design continues to grow as well. After all, people need space to “live” in and not just exist in. This poses a challenge for many urban designers and property developers as they try to incorporate the correct urban design elements together.

If you are set to work on an urban project this 2018, it may be beneficial to you to understand what people in urban settings are looking for.Here are a few urban design trends to keep in mind this 2018.


  • Shared Space/Mixed-Use Properties

    Space is now a premium in urban settings, so builders and designers must find ways to maximize the space they are given for any project. This is why many newer buildings are starting to implement mixed-use designs, allowing properties to offer spaces to a wider range of potential lessors. Many buildings create provisions for office spaces, retail stores, and restaurants all in one place. It can be a bit of a challenge for designers, but the flexibility is an amazing advantage for property management.

  • Green Building Methods and Materials

    Thanks to medical research, many people are now much more aware of how certain items affect the environment and their health. This is why green building methods and eco-friendly building materials are starting to become the norm in commercial spaces. The use of natural, renewable, and recyclable materials is becoming popular, and creative designers are known to be able to incorporate these elements seamlessly. Many others are also paying close attention to the chemicals used to treat certain materials and the potential chemical gases that these coatings release over time.

  • Creating an Experience over a Destination

    Today, society places a much bigger premium on locations that offer an experience. Whether it’s an Instagram-worthy mural or a large food hall, people in general are much more likely to visit a place again and again for the experience it offers. It goes beyond differentiating your building from the other structures in the neighborhood. It’s about human-scale design. Don’t forget that you are designing buildings for humans. As such, every design element must reflect that.

  • Adding Nature to the Concrete Jungle

    In the early days of urbanization, many developers were focused on removing nature to make space for man-made structures. Today, however, urban planners and property developers are much more concerned about adding nature back into the concrete jungle. This isn’t just adding a tree or two near the entrance of a building. Modern design finds creative ways to add nature back into the city through roof deck gardens, sprawling lawns within quadrangles, and more.


Thinking about your next construction project? Consider these urban design trends!

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