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The Standards of Space: How Much Space Do You Need?

Space inside and outside the house

How much space does one actually need in order to live comfortably? Apparently, standard housing regulations vary from state to state, and from country to country, but there are general standards that are in place and should be followed in order to ensure the safety and security of occupants. At ENM Construction Management, meticulous planning…

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Transcending Barriers: Identifying and Solving Social Housing Problems

Solvibg Social Housing Problems

Housing for low-income people is becoming a bigger and bigger problem. Constructing affordable housing is facing tall barriers from all fronts: from the government, the people, and even those for whom the housing was intended. However, faced with these challenges, ENM Construction Management has been at the forefront of transcending these barriers and providing affordable…

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Understanding Capitalization Rate

Cap Rate

Capitalization rate is a concept in the real estate industry that many people fail to understand. There is no better way to boost your understanding of the subject matter than to start with the basics. Let’s begin our discussion. What is Capitalization Rate? Capitalization rate, often referred to as cap rate, is a fundamental concept…

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Exploring the Construction Process

Construction Process

Everybody wants to build their ideal home. However, construction is a process that is easier said and imagined than done. Not everyone can make houses that capture what they envision. This is when construction firms, such as the ENM Construction Management, come in. These firms are composed of individuals who have studied the field and…

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Building Custom Homes: 3 Things to Remember

custom home

Are you underwhelmed by the available homes on the market in your city? If so, it may be more beneficial to have a custom-built home instead of forcing yourself to fall in love with an existing home. Although this option is a little more expensive, there is no denying that the freedom to have anything…

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4 Interior Design Tips to Maximize Small Condos

In a world where space is a premium, many young professionals will often find themselves renting or purchasing condo units or apartments that are a little on the small side. Despite this, there are many ways to reconfigure your interior design to maximize the given space. If you’ll be moving into a condo in the…

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Four Urban Design Trends to Keep in Mind This 2018

Urban Design Trends

As city populations continue to grow throughout the country, the need for smarter urban design continues to grow as well. After all, people need space to “live” in and not just exist in. This poses a challenge for many urban designers and property developers as they try to incorporate the correct urban design elements together.…

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