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4 Interior Design Tips to Maximize Small Condos

In a world where space is a premium, many young professionals will often find themselves renting or purchasing condo units or apartments that are a little on the small side. Despite this, there are many ways to reconfigure your interior design to maximize the given space. If you’ll be moving into a condo in the near future, here are a few interior design tips to help you out.

  1. Increase Space with Floor-to-Ceiling Mirrors

    A method for creating space that interior designers love to use is installing floor-to-ceiling mirrors. This is because the reflection on the mirror creates an illusion of the space being twice as big as it really is, making it a great way to open up a living room. Additionally, large mirrors help reflect natural light streaming in from the windows, which helps make the space seem much more lively and cheerful. An experienced interior designer can easily help you find a floor-to-ceiling mirror if you aren’t sure where to find one.

  2. Use Neutral Colors

    If you plan to have the walls repainted, try to choose neutral colors like white and cream. These colors are classic and very easy to pair with, expanding your choices when it comes to sofas, tables, and other furniture you plan to buy. Additionally, condo units that are painted in a neutral color are much easier to sell, thanks to the color flexibility. This is especially important in the future when you plan to move out into a bigger unit or your very own home.

  3. Consider Purchasing Double-Use Furniture

    Take a close look at your lifestyle as it can easily help you decide which type of furniture you should or shouldn’t buy. For example, young professionals living by themselves and who usually buy take out probably don’t need a dining table. In such cases, the kitchen bar is more than enough for dinnertime. This gives you more space for your living room, allowing you to choose better and a slightly larger sofa. Careful planning and understanding your needs can easily help you create better interior design and save a few hundred dollars.

  4. See-through Shelves as a Divider

    If your condo is a studio-type unit, you’ll need to be a little more creative when dividing the given space. A great way around this would be to choose furniture that can help frame a room while serving other functions. An example of this would be using see-through shelves as a way to divide the living area and your bedroom. Apart from acting as a divider, the shelves also double as extra storage space for books and a display case for the “living room”.

Maximize your space with these tips!

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